Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Say Hi to Cassy!

It's happening. My brain is slowly turning to mush. I'm forgetful. Scattered. Trying desperately to schedule myself  before I lose control completely. November is going to be like running the gauntlet for me and to top it all off, my head feels like it's 3 times too big and filled with helium. I'm popping zinc lozenges like they're candy. Damn it, I will NOT get sick! But swooping in to help save my sanity is my friend Cassy. She'll be guest blogging here from time to time. She's an avid reader and not afraid to speak her mind.. And she's pretty kick-ass. So, without further ado, let me introduce you:

Hi, my name is Cassy. *curtseys* Most people know me by my smile and the decibel at which I speak. Since you can’t actually hear or see me you’ll probably know me by the number of exclamation points, asterisks and parentheses I use.
I’m a stay at home mom to two small girls and the wife of a very hardworking man which means I gotta be a hardworking woman (most days). If I ever had a boss that worked me as hard as my family does, I’d quit!! There is no way I’d be getting paid enough!
My best friend is a writer. You may know her, Amanda Bonilla? She writes an awesome sex scene!! Even though that should probably be an awkward sentence for me to write--it isn’t. She also writes an awesome fight scene. Don’t let that fool you, I could still take her! Anyhooo…she’s the reason I’m here…or…maybe the reason I’m here is because her debut book is about to be released and she’s teetering on the precipice of stardom (or insanity) and has too many blog posts to write (for her blog tour). So instead of letting her own blog flounder she’s letting me be her guest blogger (and thus I’m questioning her sanity). I’m not a writer. I’m a reader! BTW: that’s my disclaimer. 
I thought I’d start by telling you a little about myself (because I haven’t already) and since I always enjoy it when people tell me random things about themselves in lists (Hi Tracey!) that is what I’m gonna do for you!!
·         Someday I want to live in a yurt.
·         I have a ten year old Pug named Vinny.
·         I have three sisters and we all sound alike when we laugh.
·         I wish I was a runner.
·         I use the word “dude” a lot.
·         I’ve tried to quit.
·         I hate scary movies.
·         I wish I could wear cute hats all the time.
·          I’ve got a big head and they look weird so I never wear hats.
·         I like hot tea, clean sheets and snuggling.
·         I listen to country music and classic rock.
·         I love painted toenails but hate painted fingernails.
·         I don’t like it when my husband calls me by my name.
·         I’m a morning person.
·         My favorite show is Castle.
·         I clap my hands and jump up and down when I watch it.
·         I’m a Capricorn.
·         Paranormal Romance/Urban fantasy books are my drug of choice.
·         I believe the Twilight series to be a gateway drug.
·         I didn’t know I was a geek until I saw Nathan Fillion (Castle) in an interview and he was being referred to as the “King of Geeks”.
·         I’m OK with that. 

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funny in the 'hood said...

Cassy! Cassy! Cassy!

Disclaimer: Cassy read my book and wrote wonderful things about it so Cassy is my new best friend that I've never actually met. And since she's a friend of Amanda's I knew she would be awesome.

I also love that Cassy listens to classic rock because I do too. I can't tell you what the current pop hits are, but I know all the words to every song the Eagles every recorded.

I think it's awesome that Cassy can step in because we all know that Amanda is busier than a headless chicken right now getting ready for her awesome book launch.

I can't wait to read it!