Monday, February 23, 2015

An Update on the Shaede Assassin Series

Are you staying warm? Hiding from the snow? In my neck of the woods, we usually have four feet of snow by now with blizzards every other day. This is the first time ever (and I've lived here my entire life) that Idaho doesn't have any snow. The teen is lamenting the lack of powder at the ski hills but I'm not crying about the fact that I don't have to shovel. For those of you buried under feet of snow right now, I feel your pain! I'm crossing my fingers that we all have a warm spring with plenty of sunshine!

I should have put out this update months ago, but my schedule has been so hectic that even finding time to send out a newsletter or update my website has been tough. At the end of AGAINST THE DAWN, I promised you all a Xander novella. Obviously, that novella is LONG overdue. I'd planned to have it out in November but with back-to-back deadlines on other projects and a college-bound soccer player, I haven't had the time that I hoped I would to crank out the novella. That's not to say that I'm not going to publish one. I'm still working on Xander's story. But it won't be coming out before Shaede Assassin #5. Most likely, it'll be out in the world sometime in Nov/Dec 2015. I'm currently about half-way through the next Shaede Assassin book which is still untitled. I'll be taking to my Facebook page soon to ask all of you to help me narrow down a title. And cover art is in the works, too! The amazing Nathalia Suellen, who did the art for AGAINST THE DAWN is going to be doing the cover for book 5. I'm so excited to see what she comes up with! Her art is fabulous and always top-notch! I'm hoping to do a cover reveal in April so stay tuned! When will Shaede Assassin #5 be available? I'm hoping to release it at the end of May/beginning of June. I'm writing as fast as I can, throwing down words in between content edits/copy edits/new words on my current contracted projects. Like I said, I have a kid headed to college in the fall. I've gotta do whatever I can to pay that college tuition! ;-)

That said, the comments on Facebook, your emails, and private messages have been so amazing and patient despite the fact that I've been so behind! The fact that you've stuck with the series throughout the highs and lows, ups and downs, just proves that I have the most fantastic readers in the world! I love you all to death. *tackle hugs EVERYONE*

 In the meantime, I do have a couple of freebies out there if you're looking for something to read. The first book in my Sexy Shifter shorts, THE SWEETEST TORTURE is free right now! You can find it on Amazon and Kobo. Also, a short set in the Sentry of Evil world, HAUNTED is also free right now on Amazon and Kobo.

 Again, thanks so much for your patience while I write. The hubs likes to joke that it's been so long since I've left the house that I don't even know what outside looks like anymore and he's not too far off. I swear, if I could get grocery delivery out here in the boonies, I'd never leave!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Caught Up In You Giveaway is Live!

Get caught up in a smexy romance with the Caught Up In You giveaway! To celebrate the release of ONE NIGHT MORE, book 1 of the U.S. Marshals series written as Mandy Baxter, I'm giving away an awesome keepsake box full of goodies! Besides a signed copy of ONE NIGHT MORE, there are books from Julie Ann Walker, Cynthia Eden, Sylvia Day, and Laura Kaye. And that's just the juicy reading material! The box is stuffed with goodies: Godiva chocolate, body wash, craft soap from Lush, body polish and lip gloss, bookmarks, pens, screen wipes, and tons of cool swag! But my favorite item in this awesome box of goodies is the pink "Show Me Your Titles" T-shirt from the Keeper Shelf Krewe! The T-shirt is signed by all of the authors in the krewe: Me (AKA Amanda Bonilla), Amanda Carlson, Julie Ann Walker, Lily Everett (AKA Louisa Edwards), Kristen Callihan, Kristen Painter, Roxanne St. Claire, and Kresley Cole!!!  The giveaway will run through the month of September and there are plenty of ways to enter. Good luck! gift baskettshirt     a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's Release Day!!

AGAINST THE DAWN is live! This is my favorite book in the Shaede Assassin series so far! Thank you to everyone who has continued to read and support the series! I hope you enjoy Darian's new adventure!

You can purchase AGAINST THE DAWN at Amazon | B&N | Kobo 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Where You Can Find Me at the RT Booklover's Convention!

RT is right around the corner! This will be my first year attending and I'm so excited! I get to be there not only as myself, but I get to promote my new U.S. Marshals series written as Mandy Baxter as well! If you're attending RT this year, I'd love to meet you! Like most attendees, I'll more than likely be hanging out at the bar being socially awkward but I'm also participating in a couple of cool events while I'm down there.

First up: Kensington's Karmic Carnival

Event Date:
Thursday, May 15, 2014 - 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm

There will be over fifty amazing authors there and it's going to be a great time! You can find more information about the event, including a detailed description here.

Next up: The RT Pub Crawl

Event Date:
Thursday, May 15, 2014 - 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

I'll be hosting at the Bourbon Cowboy with a group of FABULOUS authors (AKA The Keeper Shelf Krewe). It includes authors Kristen Callihan, Amanda Carlson, Kresley Cole, Louisa Edwards (aka Lily Everett), Kristen Painter, Roxanne St. Claire, and Julie Ann Walker.

Stop by for some fun swag, great company, and tons of fun! You can find out more about the Pub Crawl here, and more about Keeper Shelf Krewe here.

Finally: The Giant Book Fair

Event Date:
Saturday, May 17, 2014 - 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

I'll be signing at the book fair and I'd love it if you stopped by to say hello! There are so many authors at this event, it's mind boggling! You can find a list of all of the participants here.

Of course, I'll be wandering the hotel, attending panels, and hanging out. I'll have bookmarks, cover flats, and cool buttons. But my favorite bit of swag are the 20 copies of ONE NIGHT MORE that I'm bringing! I'll be giving out copies throughout the convention. Be sure to follow my Mandy Baxter Twitter account for details on how you can get your hands on a copy months before you can buy it. If you can't attend the convention, don't worry. I've got you covered! I'm giving away an ARC of ONE NIGHT MORE plus a swag pack that includes everything I'll have at the con! You can enter below and I'll pick a winner at the end of the month!

Now, it's time to get packing! ;-)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Brenda Novak's Auction for Diabetes Research

I'm participating in Brenda Novak's auction for diabetes research! I've offered up a book bag of goodies including a $25 Amazon gift card, signed paperbacks of Shaede Assassin 1-3, digital copies of AGAINST THE DAWN and VENGEANCE BORNE, a signed ARC of my upcoming romantic suspense, ONE NIGHT MORE, and a grab bag of signed swag that I'll be collecting at RT this year! I'd love it if you could help out a great cause and place a bid on my or any other item in the auction!

Click here to see my auction item or browse any of the other fabulous offerings!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I'm so antsy for May! I feel like I've waited forever to get the next installment of the Shaede Assassin written and now that it's finally done, I can say that I'm super happy with not just the story, but Darian's character arc as well. She's grown so much since the first book and that's really what I wanted for her. The book is set to release on May 20th, but since I'm impatient, I posted the first THREE chapters of the book on my website. Hope you enjoy!