Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Deep Fried and Covered in Chocolate

Not long ago, I read every single Janet Evanovich book I could get my hands on. My main focus however, was the Stephanie Plum Series. Her books are so much fun! In every book there is a bag of donuts. Her characters…Eat…Donuts! They go to bakeries, buy bags of donuts and eat all of them! Either this is fiction at its finest or I am hanging out with the wrong groups. I know very few women who would actually confess to eating a single donut, let alone a whole bag!

I want to eat donuts a bagful at a time! I love apple fritters and maple bars, sugared donuts, donut holes, cinnamon twists, the ones with chocolate frosting and little sprinkles, Boston Creams that are so full of pudding you need a handful of napkins just to look at them. I love sucking the sweet sugary glaze off my fingertips! Mmmmmmmmm... I wish I could eat a bagful of donuts right now and every morning for breakfast! (Oh, and I don't want to get fat or high cholesterol or feel guilty because of it!)

Amanda has talked about this subject in a couple of blog posts: foods characters eat and how it makes them more relatable to the reader. Amanda’s Darian eats Honey Nut Cheerios and Charley Davidson from Darynda Jones’ series takes in coffee via an IV drip (*wink* no, not literally). In Tracey Garvis-Graves' book ON THE ISLAND, TJ and Anna like to talk about the foods they will eat if they are ever rescued (fountain Cokes with lots of ice, Doritos, Slim Jims…). Seeing, or rather, reading about people’s food habits does make them more relatable. Food is definitely important: too much, too little, when, where… Forget baseball-Eating is America’s favorite past time!

Back to the donuts. Every time I read a Janet Evanovich book I crave donuts!! Do you know what I'm talking about? Do you ever crave foods just because your favorite characters are eating it? 



Jennifer Hillier said...

I crave foods I read about ALL the time! Except for things I'm allergic to, of course (peanut butter, salmon, and shellfish).

I actually enjoy when food is part of the story, or in some way helps define a character, because I think what we eat says a lot about who we are.

I really could use a donut right now.

Sandy Williams said...

That picture is CRUEL! I'm totally craving donuts now! lol

Angie said...

Mmmmm. Now I'm craving donuts!

funny in the 'hood said...

I am so late to this party!!! And it's Cassy guest blogging and she mentioned T.J. and Anna - how sweet!! And Slim Jims? Blech. I still don't know how T.J. can eat them. Wait. Never mind. T.J. isn't real.

I love donuts. On Saturday mornings Matthew and I jump in the car (I am always in my pajamas) and I park right in front of the store and Matthew goes in and buys fresh, still warm donuts. My personal favorite is something called a honeymooner. It's a chocolate glazed donut with a big pile of white frosting squirted in the hole. OMG, I want one right now.

Love these guests posts, Cassy. Sorry I was so late to comment. I'll do better next time, I swear!!

Donna K. Weaver said...

Oooo . . . Boston Cream. You're making me hungry!

Harry Potter books makes me hungry as do some of the recipes mentioned in the Anne of Green Gables series.