Thursday, December 1, 2011

Guest Blogger Cassy - Crazy? You Decide

Do you know what would be fun? If I could do this whole blog post with a really thick New York accent. *waves arms dramatically* I think that would be funny and my hubby, I’m sure would not.  My father-in-law has a very thick New York accent, and it’s real. I love it. (Hey, maybe that’s why my hubby doesn’t like my fake one?! )  Earlier this fall, my sweetheart took me and our kids to the east coast to meet his father.  We also got to meet a ton of his relatives that even he didn’t know about. I took a ton away from this vacay--really I did--but my two favorite things about New Yorkers? [Disclaimer: We only got to spend three days there and were with family most of the time. I’m sure there are many other things I will love about NY when we get to go back someday.] Their accent and how loud they are!! I’m a loud person, and I’m very well aware of this fact (it may have been mentioned a time or two on report cards). But with my hubby’s family it was no competition--I was the quiet one! Me! I never thought I’d see the day! Plus, I got to work on my own New York accent.  My hubby is still not a huge fan, my kids LOVE it. My four year old calls it my New York action, and that’s just too awesome to correct!  When I get excited I find myself slipping into it...
Recently, I found myself unable to stop with the NY accent (ya, I was that excited)! Amanda and I got to go the Midnight Madness that is The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, Part 1!  I so wanted to see the Twihards!! I thought for sure I’d get to see fangs and capes and people dressed like their favorite characters. They all must have gone to a different theatre. We sure saw a lot of t-shirts though and man I would’ve loved being a cashier in Hot Topic that afternoon! We did have a ton of fun, and laughed so hard all night!!
I find it wildly entertaining to see how into books people get! Check any of your favorite authors' blogs or Facebook pages--there are fans out there that have made books and their characters part of their own reality! It’s awesome!
You see, I just found my home in this genre [PNR/UF] of reading barely over a year ago. I’ve always been a reader, mostly John Grisham, Mary Higgins-Clark and the likes. Amanda had tried converting me for years to no avail. But one afternoon I sat down with a book that we like to refer to as the “gateway drug” (Twilight) and I was hooked! I’ll admit it! As soon as I finished the series Amanda handed me a grocery sack full of books and said, “If you liked that you’re gonna love these!”
Inside the sack were Jeaniene Frost’s Nighthuntress Series and Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series.  I loved them and I needed more! I’m a pretty fast reader and in six month’s time I read 120 books!! (That’s why we call it the “gateway drug”-I was on the verge of divorce and my family was preparing to stage an intervention! Just joking...I think!) I use Facebook as a tool to stalk my favorite authors and book blogs. I unfriended everyone I know because I was tired of them posting stupid shit in my news stream and interfering with important author updates. I can’t believe how at home I feel with these book people!
My Mom used to live in the Tri-Cities of Washington State and last year I planned my visit to coincide with the release of Patricia Briggs's River Marked, and the signing that was (I kid you not) two blocks from my Mom’s apartment.  So I spent four and a half hours in line waiting to meet Patty and get her autograph.  It is one of the highlights of my life. I’ve never done anything like that before (oh ya, I’m a newby!).  So my questions for you dear reader: What’s the craziest, most fun thing you’ve ever done in the name of literature? What do I need to have on my bucket list? Don’t hold back, I’m only 31 so I could have anywhere from a day left to like 75 years and I plan on having fun! 

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funny in the 'hood said...


OMG, I'm loud too!!! I'm always blurting things out at decibel level 10 and then I feel stupid. And I hate when someone tells me "Shhhh" like I'm 4 years old and just got busted for using my outside voice indoors. Sheesh!

The craziest thing I did in the name of literature was write a desert island book with a May-December relationship. Try running that premise by people and WATCH THEIR FACE as they try to figure out what to say.

Oh, and Twilight was my gateway book, too. Edward Cullen and T.J. Callahan were both 17. What a coincidence.

When I drive to Idaho to have drinks with you and Amanda someday, will you use the New York action, er, accent? Please?