Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Smile With Your Eyes

So last week the amazing Kimberly Minter of Kimberly Minter Photgraphy did my author photos. I've never considered myself photogenic. Not even a little. And if my friend Joy Denisoff hadn't been there to transform my hair and makeup with her super mad skills, I'd have been in big trouble. I tend to make weird faces and I'm generally self-conscious and nervous. But Kim was so great! She made me feel at ease, knew what to say to get me to look the way she wanted, and my self-consiousness melted away. Well, sort of. I'd thought I'd show you guys some of the "out-takes" so you could see what pictures of me usually look like! ;)

"Give me a smirk," Kim said. To which I responded by making this face. Awesome.
I don't even know what's going on here. Notice the skewed necklace, the drunken vagrant expression. Just what you want to see in an author photo!

Ugh. Just, ugh.

I think for this one, she asked me to look contemplative, or pensive, or something equally deep and artistic. Not exactly what we were going for. And again, the necklace is crooked! Why did I even wear the damn thing!?!?!
Uh-huh. Yeah. Nice necklace. Again. ARGH!

I must have been dreaming about ice cream... or a pedicure... or eating ice cream while getting a pedicure...

Ultimately, this is the photo we settled on. Out of 170 shots, Kim picked her 16 favorites. And out of those 16, I chose:

                                                  Notice the absence of the evil necklace? ;)

Thanks again, Kim and Joy!


M.P. McDonald said...

Nice picture! The rejects made me giggle. lol. As far as smiling with your eyes, do you ever watch America's Next Top Model? Tyra's term for it is 'Smize".

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

What fantastic pictures! The last one is my favorite, of course. I like that necklace, but I can see why it just wasn't working. :)

Jennifer Hillier said...

Fun photos! Interesting how a long necklace can be so hard to work with... will keep that mind for future picture-taking. :)

Your final photo rocks! You look great.

Cole Gibsen said...

Ha! Love it!!!

Side note: OMG my word verication is "punta" I am not lying! Blogger apparently does NOT know Spanish.

funny in the 'hood said...

Okay I tried to comment the other day right around the time Blogger went down so let me try this again. I was dying laughing at this post especially "drunken vagrant" and everything about the necklace. Seriously, it's like your jewelry had a mind of it's own. Your final picture is adorable Amanda :)


Kimberly Minter said...

I love this Mandy!! I can't stop laughing and I was even there! :) It was such a fun day and we did get some beautiful shots! Can't wait to see it on your book! Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to work with you. Joy did awesome with your hair and make-up!

Stephanie said...

LOL Amanda!! I loved this post - thanks for sharing. And the one you chose is gorgeous - congrats!