Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Love, Longing and Romance

Yeah, I like romance.  But it's not as fluffy as a lot of people assume.  And I don't think that what I write could be classified as 'sweeping romance', but I like a little mixed in to the story.  

The thing about a romantic sub-plot that draws me in isn't the love and it isn't the romance.  It's the longing.  It's one of those deep, dark emotions that I wrote to you about the other day.  Longing is the predecessor to any great romance and that's why I write it.

Love is an emotion that fills you up.  It makes you feel complete and its the motivation that allows mothers to do anything to protect their children. Romance.  Let's see, so as not to offend anyone, I'll just say that romance in my opinion, is just the feel-good marshmallow fluff on the sundae.  It's not the ice-cream foundation, just an added bonus on top.  Longing, on the other hand, is the ice-cream.  It's the drive, the pull, the motivation behind it all.  Longing is the voice of our heart's desire.  

Longing isn't a feel-good emotion.  Instead of making you feel full, it tells you that there's a big black hole inside of you that needs to be filled.  Longing is the reminder that there's something missing in your life.  If the main character in the story didn't have that deep, dark emotion, there would be no motivation to seek out the missing puzzle piece.  There would be no journey, no discovery and no reward.  It's the search to fill the void that pulls the characters through the story to arrive at fulfillment and a happy ending.

But from the darkness comes light and through trials and tribulations, gun fire and sword play, magic and mysticism, my characters bond and through their longing, find love.  And isn't that lovely, full feeling the best reward?


Angie Ledbetter said...

Art imitating life, and vice versa. :)

B.J. Anderson said...

Great post!! And so very true.

Suzanne said...

As one who has been fortunate enough to read your work... you really hit the mark here! Great Post! There is hurt where there is love. Apathy is the only thing that is boring. And let me tell you, you had me turning pages girlie!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post Amanda! Love it!!!

willow said...

" tells you that there's a big black hole inside of you that needs to be filled." How true. I enjoyed this post. And thanks for stopping by Willow Manor!

ElanaJ said...

You're totally right. I like describing it as a hole that needs to be filled too! Especially once that person is gone. Great post!

Sharla said...

Hi Amanda, followed you here from Lynnette's blog, and I'm going to put you on mine, you made me laugh, girl!

I am totally with you on the longing being the most important part of romance. The unreachable, the tease, the journey to get there...maybe it is a woman thing? LOL. Most guys like the hard core part of romance, but I like the journey, the wanting of something you can't quite get. Like you said, that gut wrenching, empty hole that aches. That is pain to be relished!

I don't want to go directly to jail, I want to pass GO a few times, hang out on Boardwalk and Park Place for a while, play in the Community Chest and maybe hit a few of those hotels but not yet seal the deed before I reach the final destination! LOL.